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Here's a helpful guide, from start to finish, on how our beef gets to your plate.


  • Select the option that best fits your needs: whole, half, or quarter.  Please visit our FAQ page if you need further guidance in making your selection.

  • Call or click to order.  

  • Deposit will be taken at time of order. Deposits will ensure your purchase and will be credited to your total purchase. 

  • Once your order has been placed, we will notify you with your processing (butcher) date.

Cutting Instructions

  • After you are notified by HOWE Farms with your processing date, you will then place your cutting instructions with the processor (butcher). The earlier the better!

    • ​your cow is processed by This Old Farm, you will call THEM WITH your cutting instructions.

      • To view This Old Farm's website and phone number, click here.

        *If cutting instructions are not received by due date, please be aware you may be issued a standard cutting order from the processor (butcher).


  • When calves are approximately 1,200 pounds we will take them to the processor (butcher). We utilize This Old Farm FOR PROCESSING. 

  • After the calves are weighed, we will notify you within 1-2 days with your Hot Carcass weight and total balance due, not including processing. Your remaining balance will be due immediately after notification. After we have received payment in full, we will then notify the processor that they can release your order.

  • Payment methods accepted: Check (payable to HOWE Farms), PayPal, Venmo, or Debit / Credit Card.

Pickup & Payment for Processing

  • Approximately 3 weeks after your calf goes into the processor, it will be packaged, frozen, boxed up, and ready for pickup.​ 

  • You are responsible for pickup at the appropriate processor. Processing fee will be due to them upon pick up. Check with your specific processor on their methods of payments accepted.

What to Expect

Keep in mind that the following are estimates; each calf will be different. These are examples to help you make an informed decision. The benefit of ordering in bulk is that you get to decide how you have it processed.

In a typical half of a beef, you may receive (again, just an example for you):


  • 6-8 Chuck Roasts (3 lb. each)

  • 2 Arm Roasts (2-3 lb.each)

  • 12 Ribeye or Ribsteaks (1”)

  • 14 Short Ribs (total of around 7 bones)

  • 100-120 Pounds of Ground Beef

    • you can pick the leanness and choose some patties if you like

  • 8  pounds of Stew Meat

  • 8-10 T-Bone Steaks (3/4”)

  • 2-4 Porterhouse Steaks (3/4”) 

    • or you can forfeit the Porterhouses for Filet Mignon with New York Strips

  • 6-8 Sirloin Steaks

  • Round Steaks 

  • 2 Swiss Steaks

  • Some Soup Bones - These make the best bone broth! Your dog will love them too! 

  • 2-6  Sirloin Tip Roasts

  • 2-4 Rump Roasts

  • Brisket

  • Flank Steak

  • Offals (Liver, Tongue, Heart, Kidney, and Oxtail upon request)

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