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Q: WHAT MAKES YOUR mangalista & Berkshire cross pork DIFFERENT FROM OTHER FARMS?

A: WE ARE SO GLAD YOU ASKED THIS QUESTION. AT HOWE FARMS WE TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN THE BREED OF OUR ANIMALS. WE SOURCE LOCAL FEED THAT IS ALWAYS ANTIBIOTIC AND SOY FREE. AND AT HOWE FARMS, WE BELIEVE A TRUE LIFESTYLE FOR AN ANIMAL is too graze freely in open pastures fresh with grass along with the freedom to come and go from the shelter of our barn as they please. 


Q: How much freezer space do I need for a half or whole hog?

A: Half  2.7 - 4.2 cubic feet

Whole 5.5 - 7 cubic feet

Q: How much pork do I end up with in my freezer for a half or whole?

A: Everything depends on how you have it processed.  Keep in mind these are general estimations.    

Half - Approximately 72 pounds

Whole - Approximately 144 pounds  


Q: What can I expect to pay?

A: Great question! We will use a whole as our example. A live hog will go in weighing approximately 250 lbs. The Hot Carcass weight on that 250 lb. hog will be 180 lbs. multiplied by the current price per pound, $3.50 equals $630. In addition, processing on a whole will run between $350 - $450, depending on your cutting instructions.  

Q: How is my total balance due calculated?

A: Hot Carcass weight x price/pound - deposit = Total Balance Due

Example is based on a whole:  180 lbs. x $3.50 - $75 = $555.00 (processing not included)

Q: Why is processing not included?

A: You pay Howe Farms for the hog. Processing is completed by THIS OLD FARM. You are paying for their services. We grow it, they slice it.

Q: What does Hot Carcass weight mean?

A: Hot Carcass weight is the hot or un-chilled weight of the carcass after slaughter and the removal of the head, hide, intestinal tract, and internal organs.  


Q: What cuts can I expect in my order?

A: Hams, bacon, roasts, sausage, soup bones, hocks, spare ribs, shoulder, chops, and loin.


Q: How long does the meat last in the freezer?

A: 1-2 years (although I've found stragglers in the freezer three years old that were just fine.)

Q: How do I place an order?

A: Call or click

Q: Do you ship?

A: We do not ship whole or halves. You will be responsible to pick up your order at THIS OLD FARM.

Q: What breed of hogs to you use?

A: We are breed a cross of Mangalitsa/Berkshire 

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